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Dental care football extreme

Dental care football extreme

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Calm your dog's urge to chew so that the furniture and shoes don't have to suffer and at the same time ensure that your dog has ideal oral hygiene. Our dental care football extreme offers hygienic functions and long chewing fun!

🦷 Playful oral hygiene: Your dog will have a lot of fun acting out the urge to chew and without knowing it , oral hygiene will be improved at the same time. Large knobs and rope knots provide better grip and more fun for your dog.
🪥 Hygiene? ✔︎Check: The soft nubs made of natural rubber carefully and gently clean the teeth of leftovers and sieges. When it comes into contact with the mucous membranes, blood circulation is stimulated over the long term and ensures healthy gums .
🐕 Dispels boredom and calms: Let your dog live out its innate urge to chew and even hide tasty bites in the football dental care. This ensures a long distraction and the inner relaxation of your dog.

Order now and enjoy a calm dog with perfectly healthy teeth!

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