About Us

If you have a big heart for our fluffy four-legged friends, you've come to the right place!
We offer you everything your heart desires, both yours and that of your faithful companion.
All our products are carefully selected and tested before sale.
So that we can continue to enjoy our environment with our four-legged friends for a long time, we only use environmentally friendly packaging materials! We are also committed to animal welfare and donate 10% of our profits to an animal welfare organization / animal shelter or similar every year. You always vote at the end of the year to decide which organization the donation will benefit from.
Short about me:

I've had an incredible passion for dogs all my life. What I find most admirable is the unconditional love our dogs show us.

When I was 18, I was finally able to fulfill my dream of having my first dog. Nayla, my soul dog, is a female Golden Retriever. Although she has an incredibly big stubborn head, she still brings joy to my everyday life every day. How can you be mad at her when she looks at you with her cute dog eyes?

At some point I started sewing collars and leashes for Nayla and her dog friends myself. Since the collars were so well received, I decided at some point to open my own online shop for dog accessories and have my own designs produced - and here we are now...