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DeShedding Brush

DeShedding Brush

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The fur of our pets is not only majestic, but also the most important thing for them. It protects against bad weather conditions and the cold. This fur coat needs special care to withstand everything. Our DeShedding Brush is the perfect choice for gentle grooming of your dog.

🚿 Blades forged through precise craftsmanship: Meticulous blades penetrate the top coat down to the undercoat and gently remove loose hair, knots and dirt. The curved stainless steel edges conform to your dog's contours and glide smoothly over your dog's skin.
💈 Ergonomic handle: Our deshedding brush has an ergonomic handle to protect your wrist. So you can brush your dog completely in just one go.
🐕 Comfortable grooming: Your dog will be happy to part with his undercoat and all without worrying that something can go wrong. Grooming can be that easy.

Order your new DeShedding brush now and make your dog's coat change easier!

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