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bath brush

bath brush

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Has your dog bathed in mud again? With the right bath brush, the whole cleanup will feel like a spa day for your dog. Use our bath brush to effortlessly clean your dog and easily remove fur and dead skin.

🧽 Soft Silicone Bath Brush: Bathe your dog with a comfortable brush and massage him with the soothing effect of the soft bristles. Our bath brush includes a shampoo dispenser so you can easily apply shampoo while bathing.
⛑ Safe and Durable: The food-grade silicone bristles and housing are safe for your dog and do not emit any harmful substances . The bristles feel soft and massage your dog at the same time.
🐕 Suitable for everyone: The new bathing companion is suitable for every breed of dog without exception. You can wash both short and long haired dogs with it.

Order your new bath brush now and spoil your dog with the right coat care!

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