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Does your dog like to chew too? Our Wheely chew toy strengthens and trains teeth and chewing calms your dog. Find out everything you need to know about your new chew toy here!

💈 Durable and Sturdy: Our chew toy is made of food-grade nylon and natural rubber to ensure long-lasting chewing fun and joy.

🐕 A toy for puppies and adults: Wheely is the perfect distraction for playful puppies, but also for adult dogs with a chewing instinct. It will keep them busy for hours and the chewing will calm your dog down.

🐶 Squeaking for even more fun: Squeaking awakens the natural hunting instinct in dogs and makes chewing even more fun. It stimulates your dog's interests and encourages him to play.

Order your new chewing toy now and have lots of chewing fun!

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